Thursday, April 8, 2010

Basketball anyone?

Remember this poor mom? Well, she's breathing a lot better now that she's off-loaded these two bundles of energy. These are the two basketballs we were all wondering about last week. They were born on Easter Sunday evening, just after all the family left. Guess she was waiting for a little privacy and quiet! They are two big, healthy boys and they are obviously getting plenty of milk from mom because they have energy to spare! They go at full tilt, running, climbing on mom's back, jumping and just generally getting into things. Next thing you know, they look like this. (Notice mom takes the opportunity to take a nap while the kiddies are quiet!)


  1. There is just way too much cuteness at your house! I know you aren't showing us all the hard work behind the scenes, but things sure look fun.


  2. I'm so relieved for the mother. lol

  3. Kim-It is hard work, but the cuteness makes it all worthwhile. (And, of course, the fiber!)