Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello? Anyone out there?

I seem to have fallen down a deep, dark hole.  The last few weeks have been spent in an effort to climb my way out.  There's been too much time lately spent in doctors offices, having tests done, recovering from those tests and generally trying to get myself feeling better.  Nothing really serious - I suppose a lot of it can be chalked up to aging not so gracefully and thinking I can maintain the same activity level I did 25 years ago.  I am nothing, if not stubborn.

Aannyy wwaaayy (as Ellen DeGeneres says), onward and upward.  Here it is deep into January and I've accomplished none of my January goals.  I'm going to have to get a move on.

What have I done?  Feed the sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, peacock, llamas and alpaca boys first thing in the morning, do a few necessary things around the house (cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, filing patient records, etc), then off to the barn for evening feeding chores.  There's been some cleaning out going on too.  I've had the urge to purge lately and closets, drawers and cupboards have been under attack.  I've done a few small knitting projects while watching 'Downton Abbey' (I'm sooo happy it's back), 'The Last Tango in Halifax' and now Sherlock.  I've glanced longingly at my Lady Marple sweater, but it's at a point where I need to be at home and paying attention when I'm knitting on it and that hasn't been happening much lately.  So far,  the year 2014 has been a bit of a bummer. I'm ready to change that!  Really, I am.

One way I'm going to perk myself up is to go to a fiber gathering. Fiber Frenzy, a yarn shop in Berea, Kentucky, is hosting a Pins and Needles Retreat in a couple of weeks.  My friend, Teresa, and I have booked a room at historic Boone Tavern and signed up for a few classes. There's nothing I like better than learning new skills and getting to interact with other fiber folks.  I'm thinking it may be just what I need to get myself in gear again.

So, a few of my small projects.  The mittens are Cozy Purl Ridge Mittens designed by Jenny Gordy.  The rust colored ones are knit with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter (oh, I do love the color palette of Shelter) and the white mittens are a rustic handspun skein I found lurking in the stash. It's a well written, fun pattern and perfect for some quick knitting.  The socks have been on the needles for a long, long time and are now finally finished.  That is some Kroy sock yarn that I believe came from Michael's or JoAnn's or some such place - bought just because I liked the bright stripes. (They are not weirdly shaped as they appear to be....photographer error!)  The headband/ear warmer/or whatever you want to call it still needs a button and is knit from mystery yarn, also dug out of the stash.  I'm hoping it's going to be the cure for my perpetual case of bad-hat-hair in the winter.  It's cold and I need something to keep my ears warm when I'm feeding the sheep, but pulling on a hat several times a day electrifies my hair.  I have one more small-ish project that is off the needles and ready for felting.  I'm going to take some before and after pictures and do a book review, along with a great give-away in a few days.

Clearly, I've got some make-up work to do here on the blog.  I'm vowing to do better.

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 - Here we go!

Evening of (New Year's day)

Happy New Year to everyone!  It was a quiet one here at Tanglewood Farm.  I was barely awake at midnight (and Mike was already out!).  I can say with certainty that we will never be out on the town, drinking champagne when the ball drops in Times Square!

The weather has been the big story around here, as it has for much of the country.  New Year's day we were gifted with the most amazing sunset.  It had been a very mild and sunny day - very pleasant for working outdoors.  Late in the afternoon, we took a long walk to the back of the farm, exploring the smaller creek and one of the old barns.

As much as I sometimes dislike the old barn that's close by the house, yesterday was one of those times when I was very grateful to have it.  We had a day of foul weather - raining hard until late in the afternoon, when it all turned to snow and ice.  The girls, along with Buddy and Mr. Bates, were more than happy to be tucked in cozy and warm(ish) for the night.

This morning, it was sunny and bright, with a blue, blue sky.  The sheep didn't seem to mind the sparkly snow or below freezing temperatures in the least.

The past few weeks have offered little time for reflection or planning for the coming year.  I'm hoping to clear some time (and space in my brain) in the next little while for setting some meaningful goals to accomplish in 2014.  I've got lots of plans, hopes and dreams and just need the time to sort out the possible from the maybe-not-so-much!  Have you made resolutions, set goals or big plans for the coming year?