Wednesday, August 1, 2012


(welcome storm clouds that actually brought rain)
I've been noticing that I'm apparently not the only blogger suffering from the heat of summer doldrums.  A lot of the blogs I read on a regular basis are offering succinct commentaries at the moment.  I don't know for a fact that it's because they've fallen into a stupor, as it seems I have done.  Hearing me whine about the heat is, I am sure, getting more and more (and more) boring.  So today, just a few pictures of what's been happening around here.

(sixteen year old boys can sleep almost anywhere)
(and so can some cats)


  1. yup the heat is oppressive I am toast these days. I love it that you have alpacas that will actually lay down in the kiddie pool. I've been considering an above ground pool lately. I normally swim in town at the university and it is closed for maintenance. It's always too long and I get out of shape. I'd love to have one of those endless pools...but it would be like having another pet to take care of.

  2. Those alpaca boys know how to keep the heat away!! Also Kitty seems to know what's best to do in the heat.

  3. I'm having the opposite of brain freeze. In my overheated state, I forgot in my last comment to tell you how much I appreciate the size of your blog type. I find so many blogs hard to read with their tiny type. Thanks