Thursday, January 31, 2013

Food for thought

I saw this posted by a commenter on Soulemama this morning and found it so lovely and thought-provoking.  Most of us aren't prepared to follow through on such an ambitious project, but I do so admire this young woman for doing it.  Can you imagine the impact it would have if we all put half that much thought into what we have in our closets?


  1. So VERY thought provoking!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love that!!!!! I would sooooo do this!! Now, if I could only knit. lol.

  3. That video was amazing and impressive. I am in this girl's radius! Thanks for posting this.
    Marcy in California

  4. This is sooooo neat, thanks for posting! I may have to share, too. What was your favorite garment? I loved the green knitted/felted vest (felted behind a bicycle)...

    1. I think I liked the first garment that she pulled out of the closet best. (Though that green knitted/felted vest is certainly a color that calls my name!) It was a dress woven with Sally Fox cotton and wool from some meat breed of sheep! I'm not crazy about spinning cotton, but if I ever wanted to I would love to spin some Foxfibre natural colored cotton.