Friday, May 10, 2013

The workshop in pictures

This week has gotten totally away from me.  I intended to get another post-workshop post up right away and here I am on Friday scrambling to do it.  Warning:  This is going to be a picture heavy post that's light on words.  These were all taken by Sara when she came over to document the happenings for me.  I hope I've managed to include everyone.  I was trying to find pictures with everyone included and these are in no particular order ...... just random scenes of the fun we had last week.

(There was a lot of this particular activity - nosy alpacas having their picture taken.)
(Prince and Robyn - up close and personal)
(Sue, Dagmar, Reg, Miho, Diane-with-one-N, Mary)
(Chris, Robyn, Dagmar, Anne and Reg in the background, Diane-with-one-N.  This picture could be called "Cochineal Behaving Badly"  They were able to make it behave and become red.)
(Diane-with-one-N-checking her iPhone timer.  This was a lesson for me - I had no idea I could use my phone as a timer.  See the valuable stuff I learned last week?)
(Carson chose Lisa to be his personal servant for the workshop)
(K. and Dagmar - I tried the whole time to figure out a way to confiscate Dagmar's apron - I love it!)
(There were lots of teaching moments)

(Barb and Lisa dubbed themselves the Remedial Team, but they did great!!)
(Beautiful steaming madder)

(One of Dagmar's gorgeous hand-dyed, handwoven scarves)
(The girls were not the least disrupted from their routine. It didn't faze them at all to see all those cars parked in front of the studio.  Can you see Pippi inside the little shed?)

So, this week has been a mostly rainy blur and now it's on to the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival, which will be next weekend, May 18 and 19.  We've got so much good stuff to offer this year.  There will be new fiber vendors, skein, picture and fleece competitions (don't forget that some of those fleeces will be for sale when the judging is finished), new food vendors (we're having gelato this year-that makes me so happy!), some great Bluegrass and Celtic music and we've added a Farm-to-Table dinner on Saturday evening.  Check out the website for all the happenings and then come out and enjoy the weekend with us!

Edited to add:  Check out Lisa's post on the workshop.  She did a fantastic job of explaining the whole process!  Lisa Binkley's Fiber Art Blog.


  1. I love the pictures and loved the workshop! :)

  2. I really hope you do the workshop again -- I'm so sorry i missed it!

  3. Such good pictures and such an idyllic setting for anything. Happy sheep, happy Pacas!!

  4. Looks like a workshop full of learning and laughing! Good luck next week at the festival.

  5. Nice recap of the workshop. Thanks for sharing your farm. A perfect setting for a natural dyeing experience. Hope to be able to return again for more workshops.