Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 - Here we go!

Evening of (New Year's day)

Happy New Year to everyone!  It was a quiet one here at Tanglewood Farm.  I was barely awake at midnight (and Mike was already out!).  I can say with certainty that we will never be out on the town, drinking champagne when the ball drops in Times Square!

The weather has been the big story around here, as it has for much of the country.  New Year's day we were gifted with the most amazing sunset.  It had been a very mild and sunny day - very pleasant for working outdoors.  Late in the afternoon, we took a long walk to the back of the farm, exploring the smaller creek and one of the old barns.

As much as I sometimes dislike the old barn that's close by the house, yesterday was one of those times when I was very grateful to have it.  We had a day of foul weather - raining hard until late in the afternoon, when it all turned to snow and ice.  The girls, along with Buddy and Mr. Bates, were more than happy to be tucked in cozy and warm(ish) for the night.

This morning, it was sunny and bright, with a blue, blue sky.  The sheep didn't seem to mind the sparkly snow or below freezing temperatures in the least.

The past few weeks have offered little time for reflection or planning for the coming year.  I'm hoping to clear some time (and space in my brain) in the next little while for setting some meaningful goals to accomplish in 2014.  I've got lots of plans, hopes and dreams and just need the time to sort out the possible from the maybe-not-so-much!  Have you made resolutions, set goals or big plans for the coming year?


  1. What a beautiful sunset! We had an ice storm here in Toronto (9 days no power for some families and -23'C temperatures) so there has been too much time stuck indoors with energetic little people, but lots of crafting and planning and organizing (in between fort-building and puzzles and general chaos). My goal for this year is to read a little more, to finish a quilt I'm not excited about (but the recipient is) and finish ONE thing for myself!
    Happy New Year to all of you at Tanglewood. I so enjoy reading your blog :)

  2. Such a beautiful evening sky!! thank goodness it was evening and not morning --- you know that saying-
    Red at night, sailor's delight,
    Red in morning, sailor's take warning!!
    When it's cold out - I know the sheep are protected by their wool - but not their little skinny legs!! Poor Dears!

  3. The sheep look like they're marching off to somewhere--very determined.
    Today I wound yarn for many hours in preparation for weaving blankets. I am bound and determined to use up a bunch of stash.
    That sunset is amazing. We have 12" of snow on the ground, 3 to 6" more tonight and 3 to 6" more tomorrow with below zero temps for the high Monday. Good time for winding warps!!

  4. Love to look at sheep and wonder sometimes when I drive by a farm ~ if they are really warm on these cold frigid days.. We are having a heat wave today up to 12 degrees...It's been below freezing and windy for so many days that school has been cancelled for 2 days..So it's refreshing to go outside this morning to feed my wildbirds and it feels good. Friday weatherman says we are going to get rain and ice and more snow.. YIKES~! Ice under snow is not nice.. Good thing I'm retired and I can stay home and not have to go out ...Have a awesome Wednesday....ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  5. Yes, it's lovely to know everyone's tucked in nice and warm for the night. Also means I don't have to rush outside into the cold morning if I know everyone's dry and has some hay to munch until I show up with grain. I can have 2 cups of coffee before braving the cold ;) Stevie @