Tuesday, February 12, 2008

spring will come again

The first spring after we bought this farm, I was thrilled to find many, many clumps of daffodils scattered all over the yard around the old farm house. I love to think about who might have planted these and when. As we began the renovation/addition to the house some of the flowers were bulldozed up and I did my best to find new homes for all of them. That was five years ago and I continue to be surprised by where these determined clusters pop up. I found these pushing their way up last week when we had that strange 70 degree weather. This morning I went out to check on them and they are surviving just fine, though they are crusted over with snow and ice. It won't be long until I can cut big bunches of them for the windowsill in the kitchen. My taste in flowers is pretty simple. I love nearly everything you find in a country yard--daffodils, lilacs, hydrangeas, sunflowers. Not for me, the exotics. Give me plain and simple every time.

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