Monday, May 5, 2008

Poppies appear

This morning on the way to the barn, I passed by the flower beds in front of the garden fence and never saw this. How is that even possible? On my way back to the house (after feeding all those lamb's bottles, sheep, baby chicks, adult chickens, four Great Pyrenees, and Buster, the cat) this sight stopped me dead in my tracks! I must admit that I really prefer the salmon or peach colored poppies and have planted many of those since we moved to the farm, but these screaming orange ones were here first and they definitely dominate the scene. They are self-seeding, so no matter how many times I try to rearrange them into other beds, they keep popping up where they want to be! I'm ready to surrender because they do have their charms. I just can't help being cheered up when I see those bright, shining faces.

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