Thursday, May 15, 2008

What did I do before Post-Its?

This jumble of projects has at least one thing in common. Look closely and you will see a Post-it on each pattern page. I cannot function without Post-its. I have them in every color, size and shape. They are in my knitting baskets, in the car, on my desk, on the kitchen counter, on my bedside get the picture. I've been known to make a note and put it on the bathroom mirror, on the back door, on my steering wheel-----all to help me remember things I'm likely to forget. But, most of all, I use them for knitting. I have way too many projects going and know from experience that if I put one down and then don't get back to it right away, I'm in for a painful experience trying to figure out where I left off in the instructions. I'm terrible at remembering numbers, especially. These little pieces of paper save me lots of time and the fact that they're sticky helps them stay where they are supposed to be. I would be in trouble without them. I'd list them right up there with some of my favorite knitting tools.

Looking at the project pile, I can see that they have something else in common. There's a lot of green there and rusty red, even right down to the rug and the Mexican tile floor. How predictable am I? Clearly I need to work on stepping outside my color comfort zone.

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