Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Einstein-ing along

Teresa and I are moving right along on our Einstein Coat knit-along. The dark blue knitting in the picture is hers and the black is mine. (Sally Melville, the designer, was one of the instructors we took a workshop with at the Knitter's Connection last month. She was a great teacher and it was inspiring to see and touch all the design samples from her books.) We got together earlier this week and moved from the everlasting knitting on the bottom section, to the moving-along-much-faster upper right front! It's possible we might have these done before the snow flies here in Kentucky (which seems like a very long way off from today, since it is in the 90's now).

I have heard there are actually people who do not like garter stitch----what's with that? I love it and already have several more garter stitch items in the queue. The Baby Surprise Jacket is already on the needles and maybe an adult version will be next. Also, the Shepherd's Jacket pattern from Peace Fleece has been waiting for a long time to become part of my wardrobe. I have always loved that jacket and last winter when I was still in the yarn store business, a customer came in wearing one she had knitted many, many years ago. It reminded me to be thinking about yarns I might already have in the stash that could be used for it.

I've been thinking about Christmas knitting, too. In fact, there are a few gifts already on the needles. Do I seem to be using the phrase "on the needles" a lot? I would be mortified if anyone had an accurate count of just how many projects on the needles are stashed away. I don't even know how many, but it's a lot! I am making an effort to finish things these least one finished object for any new one that I cast on. I know that only amounts to maintaining the status quo, but as the calendar gets closer to the holidays, I will step up the finishing business. (Please allow me this delusion for a few more months.)

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  1. My friend Kris is knitting an Einstein coat right now and has inspired me to knit one also :0). I love the look ! But you are so right, it is hard to think about a coat in this heat !!!!! And we are so thrilled with the rain that has fallen .... the garden is very happy !!!!!