Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Everyone loves Kaffe

Don't they? I love his sense of color and pattern. I have all of his books and, though I have never made anything from them, I go to them often for color inspiration. It was exciting to see he had designed a line of sock yarn for Regia. This is #4255 Landscape Earth and I really like the way it turned out. This is your basic cast on 60 stitches sock pattern. Nothing fancy, except the yarn. There are colors in this mix I would have never have chosen, but they work so well together. I suppose that would be the reason Kaffe Fassett is a famous designer and I am not!

I think this particular color combination would work for a man or woman, but, guess what? They're all mine!

Couldn't resist this shot with Buster checking out the socks. Buster is my 15 year old cat, who nearly died on us about 3 months ago. After several weeks of intensive TLC (including having to force-feed him 3 times a day and give IV fluids twice a day), he seems to be feeling like his old self again. So good to have the veterinarian living in-house!

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