Monday, June 21, 2010

And that's the week that was

In a word...frustrating! I have been without internet service more often than not and seen Windstream technicians more than I would ever hope and still don't think the problem is completely solved. The kicker in all this is that my husband, the least internet savvy person any of us might know, was the one who figured out what the main problem apparently happened to be. We have a satellite dish television receiver (there is no cable located within 10 miles of here) and it is also connected to our phone line so that the receiver can be updated continuously. Turns out, there should have been a filter on the line and there was not. Yesterday's technician said it is a common problem, yet none of the guys who have worked on our system thought of it!! Go figure. I tease my husband a lot (and sometimes complain) about how he wants to over-think almost everything, but I will admit this is one time when all that pondering came in handy!

Anyway...........the high point of the weekend was that we put the boat in the water for the first time this year and it was great. No hitches. Everything worked just as it should, even after sitting in the barnyard all winter! And, aside from the fact that there was still a fair amount of stuff floating around from our recent flood, the river was wonderful. I actually felt myself relaxing completely for the first time in weeks.

This week is predicted to be almost unbearably hot and my main concern is keeping my animals, if not comfortable, at least healthy through the worst of it. The sheep are good about finding a shady spot and staying there during the day, then doing their grazing during the night when it is cooler. The alpacas and llamas are my biggest concern. They are not built for 95 degree weather. This morning I let them all into the barn aisle, where there is cross-ventilation and put two fans on them. I'll be checking on them throughout the day and, if they need it, I will mist them down with water to lower their body temperature.

As for me, I'm not complaining about being stuck in the house working on patient files today, though I might consider going outside, if I could hang out like these guys.

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  1. say I recognize that spot where you put the boat 'bout that :=)

    we too have been without internet....some due to storms and some due to losing the bill and forgetting to pay oops

    good thing you are connected again.