Monday, June 7, 2010


Yes, I'm still here. After a week of very erratic internet service, things seem to be working a little better this morning. (Let's just say, Windstream is not my friend!) Of course, out here in the boondocks, we aren't allowed to have all our services working at the same time, so last night the satellite for the television quit receiving signals. Sigh... It's not that we watch much of anything at this time of year, except the News Hour and the weather first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It's the idea that we pay dearly for the service to be there when we want it and it's often not! Rant over. (On second thought, given what's in the news these days it's probably a blessing to have no television reception.)

Don't know about where you are, but we are having a banner year for clover. I can't remember ever seeing so many white clover blooms in our pastures. The sheep, of course, are loving it. Yesterday I turned the ewes and lambs out into what we call the triangle field (because it was a triangle when we moved here-now it's a big rectangle, but we just keep calling it the triangle-old habits and all that). It's been somewhat confusing for the lambs to be in such a large area and there's been much calling back and forth when the lambs lose their mothers. I love the sight of the birds riding around on the backs of the ewes and lambs. It just strikes me as so funny! The sheep are completely oblivious.

I'm being forced to use my new camera these days because my beloved old one isn't working. The date for the photography workshop with Gale Zucker is coming up quickly and I can hardly wait to learn in a relaxed, no pressure way, how to take better pictures. Gale assures me that no one has the need of a fancy camera. The whole workshop is geared toward taking better pictures with the equipment you have. The openings for the class are limited, so if you are thinking about joining us for a really fun weekend, please go here and sign up today. Gale took the pictures for the book, Shear Spirit, and reading the different reviews of her previous workshops, I think I can safely say we are going to have a great time. (And as an added bonus, we'll being going on a short "wine and cheese" llama trek at my friend, Lindy's beautiful farm, at the end of class time on Saturday.)

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