Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've made another one

Remember this girl? Teeny was my special baby a few years ago. She was the last born of a set of triplets, who really struggled to start breathing, and had an even bigger fight for a place at the milk wagon. She became my bottle baby and turned out to be such a sweet lamb. She's still a special girl, though she has become part of the brood ewe flock and had her own set of twins this past April
And this.......this is Olive. Looks kinda familiar doesn't it? What can I say? Mike says I shouldn't spoil Olive by letting her eat separately from the rest of the flock. I sure don't know why not! I love that Olive comes to me, instead of rushing pell-mell to the feeders when I let the lambs in to be fed. Besides, she still has a bit of trouble holding her own against the rest of the lambs. This way, I'm sure she is getting the amount of feed she needs to grow out nicely. And, I'm also sure that she will continue to be my special buddy, even after she becomes a big girl. So, to my way of looking at it, it's a win-win for Olive and for me.

(I wouldn't want to get in there if I didn't have to!)


  1. I'd want Olive to be my special girl, too. And I absolutely adore the photo of them all lined up at the feed trough. LOVE IT!

  2. I'm a bad adopted mom because I may be confused, but isn't Sherman one of Teeny's twins? If so, she did a great job with him. He's big and beautiful and sweet and cuddly and fits right in with the big flock and doesn't get in trouble...and we love having him here :-).

  3. Shermie is indeed one of Teeny's babies. She's a sweet girl and was a great mama. I'm glad he is still being a nice boy!(His dad is Ollie, the CVM ram, who is a pretty nice guy, himself.)