Monday, January 17, 2011

They're everywhere

Though I have spent most of the last week sitting close by that cozy fire, it occurred to me that though I have been unable to go outside and do my usual barn chores, I am still surrounded by sheep. Even without looking outside for confirmation, anyone can tell right away that I love sheep and they are a big, big part of my life (and my husband's....though mainly by default in his case ;-) !) Mind you, these are all in our little sunroom. There are plenty more scattered about the house. And in the studio, well there's no where you can look and not see some sheepy thing!

That's my Pauladeen up there and on the bottom shelf, a collection of Colin's Creatures, plus a corgi I couldn't pass up because it looks so much like my Ivy (and that's just how she looks when she goes out to "commune" with her sheep).

(Ivy in her spot watching over the kitchen...her favorite room.....she is a corgi, after all!)

So, the stitches come out and the splint goes away a week from tomorrow and I'm more than ready to get back to my life. You know how, when you're worn out and overwhelmed and you think, "If I could only have a little time off"? Well, I'm over it! Let's get on with my life around here!


  1. Ivy looks perfect in her favorite spot! Glad the stitches are about to come out, but take it easy at first!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Happy to hear that you are mending well! That sheep on your hearth is precious.

  3. Well, it LOOKS like a wonderful place to recuperate, but I'll try hard to wish "back to work" for you!

    (My WV is "restic." Sounds like it fits!)

  4. What a lovely collection of sheep! Your fireplace does look very welcoming too.

  5. You do have an outstanding collection of house sheep. The lamb on the pillow is priceless. Where did you find it?

    Also, what about your sheep bells? Where do those come from?