Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April showers

I'm thinking we are due a whole heck of a lot of flowers in May because the amount of April "showers" we are getting is ridiculous. Last week we had a total of 6.5 inches of rain. Fortunately, we live on a hill and don't have to worry about our house being flooded (unless it turns into a 40 days and 40 nights thing). On the other hand, our steep farm road has washed considerably and will need many tons of rock to repair it. The worst of all is that I have had to keep the sheep inside the barn all day during the rain. The lambs are just too small to be soaked and chilled without them getting sick. The barn is a mess and I'm nearly out of bedding, so it makes me grumpy just to look at their pen. It's a little too juicy, if you get my drift. All right, I guess I've vented enough.

The triplets I've been supplementing are doing great and I've begun weaning them off the bottle. They are not happy about it, but I'm into my fourth bag of milk replacer and it's starting to add up. Luna and Birdie have gone to three bottles a day and they're not happy either. So, basically, we're all kinda cranky around here!

Oh....but today.....today it's not raining (yet...it's on the way) and I can practically hear the grass growing in the fields and the leaves popping out on the trees. It gives me hope.


  1. If I remember correctly you were TOO dry earlier, so I will be thankful for you (until you can muster it up yourself) that now the grass will grow rich and green. :-)

  2. We are pretty soggy here, too. I am hoping all that grass seed I planted will start to sprout.

  3. It is fun to watch everyone pacing around....llamas r huge! Luna & Birdie look so cute together...

    all look like they are growing up so healthy and happy..could we have some sound ?

  4. HOLLY is an absolute sweetheart.. she is such a helper & seems to be a real friend to the ewes !