Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Musical Fields

It seems as though spring may actually have arrived here in Kentucky and a few mornings ago,  I had an overwhelming urge to move everyone around. It was kinda like that urge to open all the windows and rearrange the furniture. I just have to do it once in a while. (which makes Mike a little anxious because he never, ever likes to change things around)

The ewes and lambs have been in the pastures adjoining the barn, so in the mornings, I just open the side doors and out they go. So easy, for all concerned. The problem is there's hardly any grass in those fields because of the drought last year. The fields have not had time to recover and need to be given a rest. So, I moved the yearling ewes to what we call the triangle field (it was a triangle once, but no longer is), moved the alpaca boys with Buddy and Henry to the driveway field (where the road leads to the back of the farm) and took the ewes, lambs, Strawberry and Pippi through the back barnyard and into the square field (which really is square). Believe it or not, this was the easiest option available and it still caused a fair amount of chaos. It takes a while for the lambs to catch on to any change in routine and for them this morning was pretty exciting. There was a lot of baa-ing back and forth because the ewes ran straight into the field and started grazing and about half the lambs were left standing in the barnyard trying to figure out what just happened. You've heard the expression "like trying to herd cats"? Well, that's what herding lambs is like! They pretty much go anywhere but where you want them to go. Finally, a few of the ewes came back to collect their babies and the rest followed along. Evenings, when they come back into the barn, will be the same amount of confusion for a few days. Eventually, the lambs catch on and the routine will work for the rest of their lives here at Tanglewood.
Here comes trouble!

Looking for something?

Having everyone out in the square field meant that Luna and Birdie could be in the back barnyard all by themselves.They've still not been with the whole flock because Luna is too small and still a little too frail. I sat out there and watched them explore their big new world. Birdie is always bright-eyed, alert and getting into everything. Luna takes her time, stops to smell and look at everything and comes back to me for a little reassuring cuddle once in a while. Given their different temperaments, it will be interesting to see if they remain good buddies when they do join the flock.

Mark my words,
this one will be unlatching the gates and opening the feed bins before long!


  1. So cute! I usually put halters on a couple of my most independent girls when I want to take them to a new area. They don't go astray, and everyone else follows.

  2. THANK YOU so very much for sharing the lambs & their moms.... I just love to watch all the action & how they play with one another... the bale of hay really takes a beating by evening "KING OF THE HILL" is a cute game by all !

    saw a white dog,birds, & a couple cats too......

  3. Hi.. I have just had the most horrid day and was about to head off to bed when I clicked on the lambcam (bed time for me, is usually dawn your time).. Well, I watched the lambs being bottle fed and then all lining up every so nicely to go outside. I then spied your wee little kitty wander in to help you clean the barn (lol) and by the time I had finished my cuppa, I had the biggest smile on my face and the fuzziest of hearts. Thank you so much - you really turned my day around for me... Your little critters are very lucky to live in such a wonderful home with you.
    Take care and Sending Hugs to all. Love Judyann

    PS: My daughter has pinned a copy of the smiling Luna photo above her desk. She is having a tough time with University exams and she tells me that every time she glances up, it gives her the giggles.

  4. They are too cute! Glad everything worked out in the end.


  5. New to your Blog as of Mar. 2011 and I love it! I start and end my day with the Lambcam...better than meditation! Do the sheep and lambs like being "movie stars"? ;o)
    PS Also love Birdie and Luna!