Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday on the farm

There are a lot of moms and babies out enjoying the warm air and green grass today.  Lambs are like all babies;  they love to play and explore,  then suddenly it's naptime.

We only have one more girl left to lamb and then we'll be through for Spring 2012.  Hopefully, she'll be delivering this weekend.  I'm thinking she may be carrying our final set of triplets! 

Keep an eye on the lamb-cam ..... you just never know when something will happen.  (At the very least, you'll see lots of lambs jumping on and off the straw bales!)


  1. I need to have my sister give you a call so she can bring her grandson over to see the babies. He was at her house today and I didn't think about it. Wish I was as close to you as my sister....I'd be over in a heart beat to watch the lambs play :-)