Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our idea of a good day ...

Believe it or not, Sunday was a good day here at the farm.  It was one of the hottest days of the summer (we've broken records lately) and what did we do?  Why we had a little shearing party!  Okay, it wasn't really a party, which is a good thing because it also wasn't much fun.  It felt good in that way that doing something painful feels, when you stop doing it, if you get my drift.  The shearers happened to be passing through my part of the country, on their way to someone else, and called to ask if it would be okay to get my lambs done now.  I was so, so happy to have the lambs fleeces shorn.  Because of our ridiculously hot weather, everyone has been suffering.  Sunday it was 103 degrees and I have nothing but admiration for these guys being able to work so hard in that kind heat.  Then, to make the day even better, that evening we got about 1/4 inch of rain (the first rain in many, many weeks) and, best of all, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees!  Monday morning when I turned the lambs out into the field, they actually ran and jumped up in the air because they felt so much better!  I might be inclined to do the same, if I thought I could without injuring myself.

So, how's the Tour de Fleece going with you all?  I'll admit to just barely fulfilling the spin daily requirement.  Which means, of course, that I have very little to show at this point.  I'm seriously needing to pick up speed.  There will most likely be some moonlight riding in my future.


  1. Yea! How lucky to have sheep shearers passing by. Oh mercy that is a hard job. I'm so glad we finally got the llamas and sheep done. I think I am going to take the fleece off my 2month old llama if I can get some help haltering him. He is a rambunctious little guy to only be 2 months old. We are having a cooling trend here so it is bound to be heading your way. Seems to me like a long time ago when I live in KY triple digits were rare. Politicians who think climate change is a hoax spend too much time indoors IMHO :-)

  2. We had the temps drop here, too, but no rain! I haven't mowed the grass since June 14!
    I felt the same as your dear lambs, but like you I wouldn't dare leap too high for fear if injury.
    My Tour de Fleece is really just a conscious effort to take time out for a daily spin.... No weights or yardage measured, no opportunity for failure!
    I bet your lambs feel better without their wooly coats, but cannot imagine how hot you and the shearers had to feel working in that heat!

  3. I'm just keeping up with my minimum daily requirement of spinning, too, because I have a looming deadline on a knit project. Still need to squeeze in a few minutes tonight with a spindle and my miniSpinner...