Friday, September 21, 2012

At the lake house -

How did it get to be Friday, already?  This week has rolled over me, in more ways than one.  Today, I'm pretty much down for the count with what I like to refer to as "airplane crud".  Thanks to that person seated behind me on our flight home, who was coughing and sneezing their germs in my direction, I have a rotten cold.  I am usually diligent about taking Emergen-C before, during and after a trip, but failed to do so this time and I'm paying the price.

Anyway,  the pictures above are from our wonderful time on Lake Champlain.  I love the crazy sign post that points the way to the place we rented for our time in Vergennes Vermont.  The house was in a little cluster of cottages on a cove.  Each house was surrounded by trees in a way that made it feel very private.  I'm sure in the summer there is much more activity, but because we were there the weekend after Labor day, it was so quiet and peaceful.  It was lovely to have a home base to come back to after the wedding festivities and we spent a few days afterwards with Katie, Crimson and Taylor exploring the area.   We also managed a fair amount of time sitting around the kitchen table or out on the deck, talking and staring at the water.  The MacDonald clan is known to possess a pretty strong competitive streak and there were also some cut-throat games of Parcheesi and cards.

(We were told the lake was about 5 feet lower than usual and advised not to jump of the dock!)

The last evening we were at the lake presented us with this incredibly dramatic sunset.  Mike took these last three pictures with his iPhone and I'm amazed at how well it captured the scene.  (My old iPhone is not capable of taking pictures that look anywhere near this good.  My new iPhone 5 is on order though and I plan to join in the fun of being able to post from my phone ..... as soon as I can figure out how to do it, which could take awhile!) 

I have a little more to share about places to go and things to see in New England, but honestly, my head feels as though it might explode and I'm afraid I'll end up accidentally deleting something before I can get it posted.  So, give me a few more days and I'll give a run-down of great yarn shops and some places where foodies must go.


  1. Looks like you had the dreamiest vacation. pretty dramatic sky captures. Welcome back to reality!

  2. Beautiful photos! I hope you are feeling much better by now :)