Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Golden days

I spent so many months of the summer complaining about the weather,  I feel doubly blessed right now to be enjoying a gorgeous autumn here in central Kentucky.  We've had a long stretch of nearly perfect weather.  Cool nights and pleasant,  sunny days have graced us and the trees have turned golden in the sunlight.  It would suit me just fine to continue like this right up until Thanksgiving.  (I like it cold enough to have fires in both fireplaces for the holidays.)
This weekend will bring cold and rainy weather,  which I happen to also like (I know ...  I'm weird).  I won't be here to enjoy it because I'll be in a place that's even colder.  Thursday,  Teresa and I are off to Chicago for Vogue Knitting Live.  This is my first time to attend a Vogue event and I'm anxious to experience it.  Years ago,  Teresa and I made an annual Christmas shopping trip to Chicago,  but we've both simplified our Christmas routines to the point where a big shopping trip is not really our thing anymore.  We hope to have dinner at Scoozi's one night.  I crave their butternut squash ravioli,  caesar salad and the bread is the best!  And, we'll be sure to get out for some Garrett's popcorn.   In fact,  we've been known to have Garrett's popcorn for dinner on more than one occasion.

I've signed up for some amazing classes with instructors I've been wanting to take classes with for years.  On Friday,  I have an all day class with Mary Jane Mucklestone (200 Fair Isle Motifs),  Saturday is all day with Beth Brown-Reinsel (Knitting Ganseys) and Sunday afternoon I'll get in a short visit with my friend,  Susan Anderson,  while I'm in her Top Down Baby Sweater class.  I think it's going to be a lot of mental stimulation for me.  Just hope I'm up to it!
(This farm lane is up the road from us - love those reds!)
I took this sweet picture of Holly keeping Olive's daughter company one day last week.  I love it when I see these scenes.  I like to imagine there is a conversation of some sort going on between them.

My plan is to take my laptop along to Chicago and hopefully I'll get to send you all a report of the goings-on.  Otherwise,  I'll see you next week.  Happy Autumn!


  1. I'm glad you are getting a perfect autumn to make up for your miserable summer. Have fun in Chicago; sounds like a blast!

  2. Diane! What a great weekend you have planned! Have fun!

    Wishing you safe travels,

  3. Have a great trip! Your classes sound awesome :-).

  4. Oh the pictures make me wish I had seen Kentucky in the fall! It comes and goes so quickly and nearly impossible to time a trip just right to see the leaves in full color. I didn't realize you had gotten a daughter out of Olive. How sweet is that picture of her and the dog? What is her name? I must have gotten to meet her in the dark that night I visited. She looks like a friendly one. If I ever time it just right....I might have to bring one home with me. Sheep really are sweet characters.

  5. What fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  6. Yes, please!! Lots and lots of pictures, too!

    What lovely colors you are having - love those reds. I wonder how close I can get to that color with madder?

  7. The dog and sheep picture is beyond words. What a loving and faithful dog. I'm going to Vogue Chicago tomorrow too. Perhaps I will see you wearing your nametag!
    Check us out at Windy City Knitting Guild.

  8. Love that last picture of the sheep and dog!! Priceless!

  9. Oh what a fabulous bunch of photos...and that last one is just so cute.