Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A room of my own...

This is my room (that is euphemistically called my studio) in the barn. Rather, I should say this is one wall of my room. I've been calling it the "wall of wool". These shelves contain mostly handspun and I had no idea there was so much of it. For the last two years, while I was busy with the yarn shop, this room was left to it's own devices and it got really ugly! I've spent several hours a day for the last week trying to clean and organize it enough that I can actually stand to be in there.

Lambing starts next week and having a warm and relatively clean place to hang out makes it much more comfortable for me to be waiting through the stages of labor. The best scenario is when I find the ewe with lambs already up and nursing, but sometimes I find her in the very beginning stages of labor and then it can literally take hours. Usually she is very focused on the task at hand and would just as soon not have me sitting there staring at her. Having a room of my own lets me pass the time spinning or knitting or reading in relative comfort, but still close enough to observe and offer help if needed. Works out best for everyone involved.

Anyway, shouldn't we all have some little space to claim as our own? I think so!


  1. Holy crap! That's an impressive amount of yarn. If you'd like a free booth spot at the Ky Wool Festival this fall, you just let me know :-D.


  2. I know, it's scary! And that is just the handspun. There's more commercial yarn in the stash, but no room on the shelves. I just might take you up on your booth offer!