Thursday, March 6, 2008

This must be March

Let's see, we've had a few days of 60's and 70's, then rain, ice, snow, a few more days of warm-ish weather and now the weather-man says we are under a winter storm advisory and can expect temperatures in the teens, plus rain, ice, snow. That is March in Kentucky. I do have hope that Spring is on the way. Yesterday I picked the first daffodil in full bloom and two nights ago, I heard the peepers for the first time. I always think the peepers are earlier than last year, but when I go to last year's calendar, there it is written, usually within a few days of this year. I love hearing the peepers. It is a sure sign the earth is starting to wake up. Last year's calendar also tells me it is only 9 days from when we should put up the Martin bird house. We put the house up, with the doorways sealed (to keep out other birds), and then wait for the scouts to appear. It just seems like a miracle to me every year that they are able to find their way back to their birthplace after such a long journey. Once the scouts are here, we can usually expect the rest of the flock within a week. Then we unseal the doors and we have lots of activity while the pairs build their nests and get ready settle in for hatching out this year's brood.

Another sign of Spring happened this morning. I ordered baby chicks for the first time in several years. They won't arrive for several weeks, but ordering and anticipation are part of the fun! I'll be sure to post about their arrival. Last time I ordered chicks, the local post office called at 3 am to tell me they had arrived and to come pick them up. I said great and went back to bed because surely they didn't mean for me to come right then. Did they? Why, yes they did! I got another call around 4 am telling me they meant NOW! Okay, so I'm ready for them this year.

Still no pictures of finished knitting for you. My camera met with an unfortunate accident, so I'm awaiting arrival of a new one.

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