Thursday, February 26, 2009

One more

Here is the sweater I just finished that is destined to spend the rest of this year in the Christmas box. It's intended for the newest grandchild, born 6 weeks ago. Whether it ends up being a Christmas gift will depend on how quickly he grows! It could possibly end up being a "happy autumn" gift and then I'll have to hustle up something else for Christmas. I love how this sweater turned out, though I did have some issues with it. Not with the knitting. It was super easy. This is a kit from Morehouse Farm (the Classic Baby Jacket). The picture on the website and the pattern that came in the kit showed the color combination just as above---the two blues and orange. The kit arrived with a pinkish-salmon color----not going to work for a boy! I probably should have called them, but instead I just ordered a skein of orange and got on with it. The pattern says it is for a 0-12 months-not sure how that is possible! I didn't follow the written pattern completely, but instead relied on the picture on the pattern (the number of stripes, etc) and then ran out of yarn just as I was finishing the second sleeve. So, once again, I ordered two more skeins of the blues, thinking that this was probably my fault because I didn't follow the directions exactly. When that order arrived, the yarn was not the right color. Yikes! At this point the sweater had cost me nearly double. Finally, I had enough sense to send the wrong color skeins back with samples of yarn in the colors I needed, which they exchanged and returned to me pretty quickly.
This yarn is very soft and is great for baby things that won't get a lot of rough and tumble wear. I try to support small, independant yarn producers when I can and Morehouse Farm does a great job with their product. Check out their website for some cute patterns and kits. The buttons came from my local Hancock Fabric Store.

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  1. I really like this one, and the buttons seem just perfect!