Thursday, February 19, 2009

Peafowl on parade

I looked out the kitchen window a few days ago and this is what I saw. Mrs. Dandy and the kids (they are now as big or bigger than she is!) were out on the terrace checking out the koi pond. As far as I know, this is the first time they have ventured this close to the house. I'm hoping they don't make a habit of it because, as you can see, they are big birds and big birds leave big reminders of their visit everywhere they go!

Mr. Dandy is usually off by himself, though sometimes he joins the group when breakfast is being served. Not long ago Mr. Dandy seemed to think that spring was in the air and felt the need to show Mrs. Dandy and the kids just how beautifully his tail feathers were growing back. (He shed all of his tail feathers back during the fall.) The thing I find amusing about this picture is that he is strutting his stuff and his audience is completely oblivious! They are not impressed at all. Ho hum---he's at it again. It turns out that two of the surviving chicks are males (you can see their necks starting to turn that gorgeous shade of iridescent blue-green---it will take them three years to grow their first set of tail feathers). I'm hoping they are going to all be able to coexist here peacefully. And, if Mrs. Dandy manages to hatch out any eggs this year, I think we'll be looking for homes for the new chicks. We have three barns here on the farm, but we only use the one closest to the house for livestock. All of the peafowl roost in the rafters of the barn at night and I think we may have already reached optimum capacity (please refer to above comment about big birds and big reminders!).
You might have noticed that the koi pond and surroundings look a little rough. Between the ice storm and then the windstorm, everything looks a mess around here. Plus, it's that time of year when everything looks brown and bedraggled. I think I'm ready to start seeing some green around here.


  1. I'm thinking green, too, and hope to start seeing it around here within about 3 weeks! BTW, your peacock is absolutely gorgeous! Have you seen your koi lately? (Ours came out some on warm, sunny days and warm nights, but are in hiding now that it's cold again).

  2. Oh, he is beautiful..but I am a little worried about Mrs. Dandy being worn out with all of the male attentions soon!
    I can attest to the "calling cards" they least as far as geese are concerned. Years ago when we had a farm, I had a pair of geese; Leona and Hughey...EEUUWWW..all over the carport, and Hughey behind me in the dark, gaining with every step on my rear end as I brought up the brimming milk pail after milking Rosemary, my Jersey cow.
    Thanks for bringing back such wonderful memories. I could also mention that sometimes when Hughey was off guard, there was that sweetie, Mr. T our huge pig who also wanted some milk. Actually, Hughey probably only wanted to attack my rear end. Mr. T was a gentle soul if ever there was one.
    Happy spring to you!

  3. Lindy-I can usually see the koi, but when it's really cold (like now) they are moving really slow or not at all. They do wake up some for sunny, warm days (as we all do!). I'm enjoying the fires in the fireplace, but think I'm ready for spring.

  4. Ellen-That's quite a mental picture you've given! We had geese for a while when we first moved to the farm. They were so noisy and messy and preferred hanging around the barn to staying on the pond. We finally found them a new home. Don't you just love Jersey's? I had Blossom and Clover a long time ago (past life!). They were so sweet and beautiful.We've only had Scottish Highland's here, but finally decided they are just too hard on fences and pastures.

  5. Mr. Dandy certainly is. I'm so jealous of your koi pond. What a lovely feature.