Sunday, February 1, 2009

Reporting in.........

Yes, reporting in from the land of no power! (that would be our farm) Actually, I'm not in the land of no power at the moment. Our power went out on Friday and our farm lane is still impassable. We managed to get off the farm by driving back through two of our fields and across into a neighbor's farm, across their field, through their barnyard and onto their farm road, which is relatively flat and tree-less. All I can say is thank goodness for four-wheel drive! We decided to make a break for it today and come out into civilization to wash some clothes and take a hot shower. Wow, what a luxury that is after heating pans of water on the stove for several days!

The sun is out today and the temperature is up to 50, so if we are lucky the ice on the farm road will melt off before it cools down tonight. Even with no electricity, animals have to be fed and watered. They are oblivious to the fact that there are no lights on in the barn. As long as the food shows up when it's supposed to, they are content. Speaking of food, today is the end of the grace period for food in our refrigerator. Guess that's one way to get the refrigerator cleaned out!

Doing without the things we take for granted, I can't help thinking about how hard life was for all those women who came before us.

I'll be back soon---I hope.


  1. I hope you are staying warm and cozy. I hope you weren't trying to catch the game.

  2. Oh Dianne, I was hoping that you were going to be one of the lucky ones! You are now card-carrying members of The Club! It's a royal pain and I know what you mean about thinking of so many others that came before us and how in the world did they get along? Makes us count our blessings.... Hope we all have power back soon.

  3. Hi Dianne,
    I am hoping that you have your electricity back by now ! The 50 degree temps yesterday helped us so much !!!! This has taught me not to take " flipping a switch " for granted !!!!! I bought this cute little battery operated reading light at Christmas time at Barnes and Noble, so was able to keep knitting in the dark !!!!!
    here's hoping you are warm and cozy ..... at home !!!!!!

  4. I had a little catching up to do reading. First Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. I really enjoy reading about you and your farm.
    Next I really hope you get your power back soon. I live in Northeast Arkansas and was without power for a week. We only got our power back on so soon because we live behind the elementary school. That was the priority in our area.
    Good luck and stay warm!