Monday, May 11, 2009

Guard dogs at work

Actually, they are recovering from a night of work in this picture, taken yesterday morning, through the back screen door. (They are on the garage porch.) Holly and Hannah are up all night, most nights, protecting the farm animals from coyotes and other dogs (and deer, raccoons, possums and whatever else happens to be lurking around here after dark). And they do a wonderful job----just by barking. They have a pretty impressive bark. It's big and loud and sounds ferocious. Believe me when I say, there is nothing ferocious about these two girls most of the time. I have never seen them actually have to do battle with a coyote, don't even know for sure if they have ever had to. They accomplish their mission by barking, patrolling and chasing. They are sweet to the sheep and the grandchildren (very important in my book-I don't want any animal who is aggressive). The rest of the time.............

they look like this.


  1. Yes, flowerweaver-they are Great Pyrenees. In my life as a shepherd, I have had only one other guardian breed. My first was an Anatolian Shepherd, who did a great job guarding, but was too aggressive for my situation (lots of little kids around). The Pyrs are really sweet, but still do their job.

  2. What good dogs. And beautiful too. We're really close to trying to find one for out here.

  3. They are priceless, aren't they!

    Fun pictures!

  4. Dianne...I've been reading too many blogs with dogs :-) GP to be specific. Yesterday we were driving to a graduation ceremony and I saw a farm/animal sale with GP puppies. They were 8 weeks old. Mom and Dad were there to see both so mild mannered and good looking. Naturally, I fell in love with the puppies. Charlie put the brakes on for now. We do have llamas for guardians of my flock of 3 sheep so he doesn't see the necessity of a guard dog. Although he does really like pyrs. Your girls are so pretty.