Thursday, May 7, 2009

Struttin' his stuff

Mr. Dandy was really working it this morning.....and, as usual, no one was paying him any mind. Funny story about Mr. Dandy: for years we had a blind chicken (we are the only people I know who would keep a blind chicken around for years). She was perfectly happy staying inside the chicken pen, although, occasionally she would get out the little door and then at bedtime we would have to go looking for her because she couldn't find her way back to the door. Anyway, when Mr. Dandy got to be 3 years old and had his first full compliment of tail feathers, he spent an enormous amount of time showing them off. Mrs. Dandy was not impressed and the chickens just ignored him.....except the blind chicken. Mr. Dandy thought he had found the one creature here on the farm who was so impressed with his looks that she was willing to just sit and "look" at him all day. So, the blind chicken became his favorite audience. Everyday he gave her his very best effort....for years! We thought it was a mutually satisfying relationship and were happy for them. The blind chicken finally died of old age last year and Mr. Dandy has been searching for someone to take her place all this time.

Holding that bunch of feathers up is quite a physical accomplishment, especially if the wind is blowing! I don't know how he does it. I do love to see him showing off like this and hear him shaking the feathers in back of the showy part. Have you ever heard the sound it makes? It sounds like shaking rice in a box. Every time I see him displaying like this, I wish I could duplicate those colors in the dye pot.


  1. Oh poor Mr. Dandy not having an admirer anymore! I too love the colors of peacock...I'll bet you could come up with a recipe for your dyepot.

    How funny to find you and that you only live minutes from my sister. I think you have the right farm in mind. There is a tobacco barn and a green sign that says Orchard Creek Farm. Their house isn't visible from the road either. Next time I visit I'll give you a shout out.

    From the Kansas prairie, denise

  2. that's such a funny story! i hope mr. dandy finds someone who appreciates his hard work of showing off soon! (by the way...I love your blog! i've been lurking and reading it for awhile. i'm totally jealous of your animals..)

  3. What an amazing photo, and quite a funny story about the blind chicken that would stand amazed at his beauty! :) He is beautiful.

  4. Denise-I know exactly where your sister lives now.Not far at all.You are welcome to come by whenever you are in Nonesuch.

  5. Thanks to all for the compliments on Mr.Dandy.He's definitely a looker, even if his brain is a little on the small size! And, many thanks for reading and commenting. I love to hear from you all.

  6. What a beautiful boy! I have a rooster who's in love with our blind rescue sheep, he courts her all day long for similar reasons--a captive audience. We call Phoebe his "fuzzy hen".

    Are the dogs Great Pyrenees? They are gorgeous.