Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nap time

We've had such gorgeous weather this week. Bright, sunshiny days and cool nights. The grass in the pastures has grown at least a foot. All the creatures around here have been up and out early for grazing, but when mid-day comes, everyone looks for a shady spot and settles in for a little rest-period. Come late afternoon, everyone is up eating grass as fast as they can cram it in! This is the best part of summer, I think. Everything is green and growing and the temperature is just about right. Once the heat and humidity sets in (and Kentucky does a bang-up job with that), we'll all want to stay in the shade all day.You might have noticed in that first picture, poor, sad Pippi is not taking a nap. She's heartbroken to be separated from her mother, Strawberry (who is seen cooling her heels with the alpaca boys). It's been a tough week for Pippi. I don't think the Farmer's Almanac knew what they were talking about this time because she doesn't seem any less upset than she did on the first day of separation. I know eventually she will stop stressing, but it sure is hard to watch.


  1. I just love your napping dogs pictures. They look so familiar!

  2. It's like those first days of preschool for Pippi. Poor thing.