Monday, June 8, 2009

Snack time

This is what happens when there are sheep pastures just on the other side of the fence from the landscaping in your yard. I love, love, love hydrangeas (I guess sheep do too) and have many varieties that are finally starting to look as though they have been here for a while. My step-daughter's wedding was here at the farm 4 1/2 years ago and that "inspired" us to really get busy and finish the landscaping and spiff things up a bit. My husband joked at the time that if we could have just one more wedding (meaning his son's), then we might finally get caught up on all the projects that needed finishing around here. (Nothing like a little pressure to speed up the process!) This hydrangea bush is planted outside the garden fence and next to our little pet cemetery. Look closely and you will see that this girl has stuck her head through a small, square opening in the fence to snack on a morsel or two of hydrangea leaves. (This is often how the sheep manage to pull out their ear tags---by snagging it on the fence when they retreat.) I have to say, her expression caused me to laugh out loud, when I should have been scolding.

I'm not the type to have (and maintain) any sort of formal landscape. When we had a plan drawn out for landscaping around the farmhouse, I specifically requested that it look like nothing more than an old fashioned country yard, with hydrangeas, viburnum, hollys and lilacs. The part I didn't envision was two Great Pyrenees lounging behind the hydrangeas and amongst the hostas and daylilies. What we seem to have created is an ever evolving series of snacking and napping spots!

Happy summer Monday! I hope your week includes some time for snacking and napping!


  1. I hope I have a little time for some snacking and napping this week. Jane made a loaf of your bread for dinner last night - yummy!


    THANK YOU :0)

  3. I have the same issue with llamas long necks reaching over and getting my lilacs. It's always something!