Monday, June 29, 2009

Crowded house

The martin house is a frenzy of activity these days. I expect that the mama birds are grateful when nightfall arrives and all those baby birds settle down to sleep. All day long, the adults are flying back and forth bringing food to babies that are practically bursting out of the nest boxes. I imagine any day now the flying lessons will commence. (Can you see in the top, middle nest compartment? There are three little heads sticking out! Click to biggify.)

We've had a much needed break in the temperature and humidity here. Saturday was so hot and sticky, just breathing was a chore. Yesterday was hot, but there was a definite change in the air as the day wore on. Today is the perfect summer day. Low humidity and temperatures in the 80's. Thank goodness. All that heat and humidity makes me pretty cranky (ask Mike!).

We spent most of our Sunday trying to catch up on the mowing. Mike gets the big (air-conditioned with stereo!) tractor, while I whiz around on the ZTR (zero turning radius) mower. So, for a brief moment in time, we can enjoy the fact that the yard and all the pastures within sight of the house are freshly mowed.
Not that it matters a bit to most of the residents around here, since their days are spent just like this!


  1. Yay for the cooler weather! Tim says I have SAD (SUMMER affected disorder ;-).

    Can you post a larger shot of the baby birds? I love your martin house.

    BTW, if a big fat, loud mouth, pathetic sounding, getting ready to die just any day now lamb comes pounding on your door (or just breaking it down) demanding to move back home because I am obviously completely incompetent and how he's lived here this long is still a mystery to him... Don't be too surprised. I tried to explain to Graham Lamb that you've already finished weaning so there are NO ba-bas over there, but he ain't buying it.

  2. Hey that is great your martins have a good place to live and are they ever flourishing! We have never had them, our timing just isn't right. One year we almost did and then left for vacation and the swallows took over. I think if I had been here we could have managed to keep the martins here. Never really tried again after that.