Monday, July 20, 2009

Playing catch-up

I'm soooo far behind in my Tour de Fleece challenge. It's not looking good for the finish. My challenge was to spin 1600 yards of two-ply, worsted weight yarn for the Shepherd's Jacket (scroll down the page) pattern from Peace Fleece. I have wanted to make this jacket forever, but had never dedicated myself to spinning all the yarn for it.........and I really, really wanted to knit it with wool from one of my own fleeces. The Tour de Fleece seemed like the perfect set-up to accomplish this, then, as always, life interfered! I won't list all the other things I have done in the last two weeks, instead of spinning, but it is a long list. I'm a little over half way to my goal and I'm going to make a final push here to crank out the rest in the few days I have left.

One of those things that required my immediate attention was garden work. We suddenly found ourselves with ripe corn (it's "Peaches & Cream") and blackberries that needed to be dealt with right now. There's no procrastinating on that stuff. If you do, it's gone, and it's another year before you can redeem yourself! So, there's corn and blackberries in the freezer and pickles to be made in my future!

Anyone else out there struggling to the finish line with me or have you all treadled away and left me in your dust?


  1. Heavens, I'd quite forgotten I gaily started the year by joining a SpinAlong to create enough yarn for a sweater... Where did the time go?

    Love the brown sheep. What breed?

  2. Jo-The fleece is from a Romney ewe. I don't have many pure Romneys left now. Mostly they are Romney/BFL crossbreds. I love the color of this fleece and am enjoying spinning it---though starting to feel a little panic stricken about my deadline! What do you like to spin?

  3. Hi Dianne, I've all but given up on the deadline for TDF so don't worry on being behind :-) you are ahead of me! Your sweet corn looks delicious.

  4. I'm finding the deadline a bit nervewracking. If I work hard (and life stops "happening" at me), I *might* meet my goal, which seemed pretty doable at the beginning. But I've got a lot of wonderful yarn completed, and am starting to think about actually *doing* something with it for a change.

  5. I'm hoping to catch up a little today. WAY too much life getting in the way. We can do it though...I think ;-).