Thursday, July 30, 2009

He's just a lonely boy.....

Poor Wally (short for Wallenda). His mom, Mrs. Dandy, has literally kicked him out. Not out of the nest, because obviously he's way past nest size. Just away from her personal space. This is new behaviour for Mrs. Dandy. Last year's chicks (the now noisy and rambunctious juveniles) stayed with her right up until this year's chicks hatched. They even camped out around her when she was on the nest. Only when she was defending Wally, as her one and only surviving baby, did she start running them off. I can't help feeling a little sorry for him. He's not quite big enough to hang with the juveniles and mom doesn't want him anymore! This morning he was standing around outside the chicken pen, as if waiting for the girls to come out and keep him company. As per usual, Mr. Dandy was out there showing his feathers to a totally unappreciative audience.
That Paul Anka song (boy, am I dating myself here), "I'm Just a Lonely Boy", has been playing around and around in my head all day.


  1. soon before Wally gets his own girl?

  2. There may not be any girlfriends in the picture for quite a while. Poor boy!