Thursday, July 2, 2009

Game on

There's a new game on here. We are once again in danger of being outsmarted by some not very smart peafowl. The blackberries are getting close to ripening and the peafowl are checking them out---all day long! Sunday afternoon, Mike was working in the garden, weeding his precious corn patch, when he looked up and saw one of the juvenile peacocks snacking on some almost ripe blackberries. I happened to be standing where I could watch the whole thing and it made me laugh out loud (though I didn't let Mike hear me!). Mike is usually calm and quiet, but he went nuts when he saw the berries being picked off. He started yelling and running after the peacock. Instead of running out of the garden, the peacock ran in circles and Mike ran in circles after him. It took several laps around the garden before the peacock gave up and headed for the barn. Of course, he was back again in a matter of minutes.

A few days ago, I stopped at Fayette Seed store and bought some bird netting to put over the berries. Unfortunately, I didn't buy quite enough and there are still some unprotected berries, which is where I found one of the juveniles this afternoon. We are at war here people!


  1. Awwww, but they're so pretty, and they make such a cool "someone is about to be murdered" sound all the time.

  2. Caroline-Ha! You are so right about the sounds they make! They make great watch dogs because nothing moves around here without them reacting, loudly (and most of the time, I like it!).

  3. Wow! that photo is SOOO could you get mad at THAT? OK, Mike probably could tell me how...