Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Big Show

Earlier this week, Sara and I, took a little field trip to the North American International Livestock Exposition, which is held in Louisville, Kentucky every year at this time. It's funny because most people around here don't even know about it, but there are competitors from all over the United States. There are animals from as far away as Washington state and lots of places in between. It is the "Big Show" and quite an accomplishment to do well in the shows. The day was a little nostalgic for me because years ago, when I was younger and had much more energy, I took my sheep every year. It was hard work, but also fun because it gave me the chance to hang out with fellow Romney breeders from all over the U.S. It is a great opportunity to see a lot of different breeds of sheep all in the same place. The show had been underway for several days and a lot of the sheep were obviously tired.

There was a lot of napping going on................................

Plenty of mooching for snacks.......................

A few who looked as though they might have called a meeting to discuss a plan for escaping....

I had to laugh when we saw these sheep. Sara said, "I guess these must be the Princess Leia sheep breed". Pretty impressive, don't you think?
(By way of explanation-the coats and hoods are keeping them clean until they go into the show ring.)

It was a great little respite from the kind of schedules Sara and I usually keep on a normal (whatever that might be!) day on our farms. It served to remind me how glad I am to not still be out there hauling my sheep around to various shows. Life on the farm feels really good!

Sorry for such a picture heavy post, but here's one more of a sweet, smiling Romney girl. I would have loved to have brought her home with me.


  1. OOooohhhh...... Don't apologize for all the pictures:) I loved seeing all the wooly butts at the North American. Wish I had a spare moment to go, but Spring Cleaning Fever has struck and I promised myself no fun stuff until it's over...haha Thank you for letting me see what I missed out on!

  2. Hey, Stephanie-I think there must be something in the air right now. I've been on a major pitch and purge lately.

  3. Wish it were contagious! Heck, Tim's just happy (amazed) we didn't bring anything new home with us.

  4. How I would have LOVED to go with you!! But weekdays are out for me - doing a different kind (7:30 to 4:00) of work.

    No, don't apologize for pictures! Bring 'em on! Did you even ask if the Romney girl was for sale? Do you know what breed the Princess Leia sheep was? (pretty strange moniker for a ram! ha-ha) Sara guessed Dorset? The sheep with even bigger horns Sara posted? Shetland?

  5. The little guys are so very adorable. And your photo captions are very appropriate! So cute. thanks for sharing your pictures.