Monday, November 30, 2009

In recovery

After a long holiday weekend, I think all of us here at sheep dreams are still in recovery mode. The last of the turkey was made into turkey hash over the weekend and the cranberry relish dish is finally empty. I'm not sad to see it all go. I feel as though I should go on some kind of cleansing fast for a week or two!

Holly and Hannah have been working hard at night lately and they spend their days sleeping on the mulch pile or out in the fields with the sheep. It's deer hunting season here in Kentucky and though we do not give permission for anyone to hunt our land, we have evidence that poachers come onto the back of the farm. The sound of gunshot upsets both of the dogs, so it is even more of a nuisance when hunters trespass. This time of year, I just hope and pray that all of our animals will get through another hunting season without being mistaken for a deer.


  1. Your dogs look so comfy and content after a long night of work. I have been noticing our dog barking more at night recently here too. (maybe you should 'open season' on the trespassers there and turn your dogs loose on them!)

  2. Oh goodness...I understand about the trespassing in your neck of the woods. I trust St. Frances will look over your animals during hunting season and keep them all safe. Sister and brother and law had a sad incident last year during hunting season.

  3. Yeesh. Don't even get me started on trespassing hunters.