Friday, March 5, 2010

Fibery Friday

Shearing time is nearly upon me and I'm just getting the rest of last year's fleeces processed. I made the trip up to Ohio Valley Natural Fibers on Wednesday and had my very first alpaca fleeces made into roving and, oh my, they are wonderful. This morning was the first opportunity I've had to open these boxes of goodies and pull out some samples to play with and I am so pleased with all of it. I had them processed so that the roving is 70% alpaca and 30% wool, and what little I've spun is beautiful. It makes me want to forget all my commitments and spend the next few weeks playing in the dye pots and spinning this luscious stuff. I spend the whole year nurturing these fleeces (and the sheep and alpacas who are growing them), and I always feel a bit of trepidation when I get to the mill and hand them over. Not that I'm worried about how the mill will process them. Just that maybe they aren't as nice as I was thinking. No need to worry over this batch. All seven boxes are fabulous......if I do say so myself!

Finally, finally, finally the sun is out today and, according to the local weatherman, we have a bit of a warm-up on the way. Not a moment too soon, as far as I'm concerned. I bought these daffodils at Trader Joe's in Cincinnati on Wednesday and I'm wishing they would last until I can pick some from my very own garden.

I'm hoping you have a sunshiney weekend and golden daffodils to brighten your windowsill.


  1. My daffodils are in my flower beds and my fiber is unskirted in bags in my tack room.....

  2. Ah, but you're talking about THIS year's fleeces! The shearer will be here next Saturday and then I'll be covered up again with fresh fiber! And I envy you all those spring flowers you've been showing :)

  3. And a lovely mix of colors they are!! I envy you. The lady I bought my rabbits from also has a herd of BFLs. She mentioned on her blog weeks ago that she had RUN OUT of wool to spin! Can you imagine? I told her she was the only shepherd I know who can spin up a year's clip long before the next shearing day!

  4. Dianne, that first photo literally took my breath away! All those boxes of beautiful fiber look like a slice of heaven!