Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three things

Three things are making me really happy today. The first thing is the sun is shining and the temperature is going into the 60's. It's a great day for doing some dyeing in my "dye studio" (ha--that would be the barn aisle at the moment!)
The second thing is there's a great big concrete truck at the studio site pouring the pad and there are actual men up there working (and there's hardly anything better than watching men work, especially if they are working for me!)

The third thing is actually three more things. Last night around 9 pm, the first lambs arrived. We hit the jackpot with set of triplets and all girls! Two of them are solid black and one is black with a silver blanket over her back. Mom and babies are all doing great. This ewe has produced three sets of triplets in less than three years. That's a pretty impressive record, by anyone's standards. These babies are a little on the small side, but so strong they were all on their feet quickly and looking for a bedtime snack almost as soon as they were born. This morning they are romping around in the lambing pen as if they are weeks old already.
So, I'm out of here and into the sunshine for as much of the day as I can get away with. I hope it's sunny and warm wherever you are!


  1. Your "black with a silver blanket" lamb looks like a Shetland katmoget! So I'm jealous, as I've always wanted one in that pattern. Someday....

  2. Good to see you are feeling happier. It is amazing what a little sun, fresh cement and bouncy babies can do. (smiley face)

  3. Wheeee!!! You hit the trifecta today :-D.

  4. Oh the lambs are adorable...and you really did hit the jack pot! Nice that you had a sunny day today. Friday it is supposed to clear up and it won't be soon enough. You dye pot is lovely....and congrats on the ground breaking for your studio

  5. Your lambs are so adorable! I'm looking forward to raising some baby sheep!