Monday, March 1, 2010

Food Matters

I've discovered some healthy eating for breakfast that Mike and I both really like. I tend to not want to eat in the morning, so finding something this good has improved the breakfast menu around here. I'll admit that before now, I've not been a big fan of granola, but this recipe has changed my mind, and I love being able to make up a batch right in my own kitchen.

The recipe comes from Susie at Juniper Moon Farm. She calls it her "Terribly Inconvenient Granola", but it really isn't that inconvenient. It takes just a little while, since you toast the ingredients separately. It makes a huge amount, so you're good to go for quite a while once you make a batch. We love mixing it with Greek yogurt and maybe a little drizzle of honey on top. It is so tasty and very filling. I promise you, when you have this for breakfast, you'll feel like you've done a really good thing to start your day.

I'm reading "Food Matters-A Guide to Conscious Eating" by Mark Bittman and he makes such a rational argument for changing the way America feeds itself. He advocates what he calls Sane Eating. Meaning: eat less meat, fewer refined carbohydrates, less junk food--eat lots more vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole grains. In other words, eat real food, as opposed to most of what comes off our grocery store shelves. His reasons are all just plain, common sense.

Even though we are having another cold, dreary day, reading this book has me thinking ahead to gardening days. I bought seeds a few weeks ago and plan to start start some seedlings this week. Maybe if I pretend that spring is here, it will actually happen!


  1. SANE eating is right, and something I have discovered too. 'Haven't quite made the leap to vegetarian - but semi. Much more fresh, much more basic and simple food ... (sigh) why did it take me until I got this old, to get this smart?

    The granola looks yummy.

  2. that looks really good, my hub likes granola and I am a fan of having something to eat in the morning. I gave up coffee and I really miss that start to my day. The sane eating is what we strive for but certainly don't live up to it all the time.