Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summertime and the livin' is easy......

Especially if you are a sheep and if you live on Tanglewood Farm. (It's a great job, if you can get it.) Talk about taking it sheep have got it down to an art form. Today when I went out to give Olive her afternoon bottle, I took my new camera along to play with. (Okay, Sara. I'm finally getting around to it!) When Olive completed her 30 second guzzle, I sat down in the grass and just started snapping photos. After a few minutes, I was ready for a nap myself. It had an almost hypnotic effect on me to be sitting there watching them doze away the afternoon. If I could package up that feeling and sell it, it would be a fabulous blood pressure medication.

All the lambs were down napping, except Clarabelle. She was quite busy investigating tree bark. Once I trained the camera on her, she watched me suspiciously for a while, and then gave up and settled down herself.

Once again, most were gathered in their family groups. This ewe has her triplets where she can keep an eye on all of them. I love the fact that she had one black lamb, one white lamb and one silver lamb. Best of all, she's raising them completely on her own (no supplemental bottles from me). This is the same ewe who has had triplets three years in a row. She's Super Ewe!

Blissed out!

And even little Miss Olive is taking time out for a siesta.

Hope you're getting some time for a little rest and relaxation this holiday weekend.


  1. We ALL took siestas here at home today too! Your new camera and you are doing excellent at taking pictures. It is awesome to look at the sheep fleece up close and see the detail. They are lovely animals.

  2. Fabulous photos!

    Good medicine. Even though you can't bottle it up, you could sure frame it! Instead of oral medication, it could be visual medication.