Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hail, hail

the gang's all the barn.......jockeying for position in front of the big fan. There is a smaller fan hanging on the side of the pen and the runner-up gets that one!

It was so stinking hot here last week. High heat and high humidity make for miserable animals (and me!). Early in the week, I started bringing the group of boys (alpacas and sheep), plus Strawberry and Finn, into the barn first thing in the morning and turning on the fans. The sheep boys make a bee-line for the big fan and settle themselves in for the duration. The alpacas and llamas stay scattered about and they all spend the day snoozing away. When the sun goes down, I let them all out into the pasture for the night, so they can graze. The ewes and lambs are kept in the driveway lot during the night, to make it easier for Holly to guard them, and I let them into the big pasture early in the morning. They graze early, then find a shady spot and sleep all day. As soon as the sun starts going down, they are up and eating. Musical pastures is the name of the game around here in the summer. Some in, some out and then some out and some in! It's like brackets on each end of my day to get everyone in the spot where they will be most comfortable.
Thank goodness we are getting a break from all that heat. It is wonderful today. Low 80"s. It's one of those days when I can say there is no place else on earth I would rather live than right here. (Might not have been my answer last week!)

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