Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feeling the breeze

There's no cool breeze around here, only warm ones. We are being tormented by yet another blast of hot weather. But, at least if there was a cool breeze, the little girls would be able to enjoy it. The ewe lambs had their first trailer ride on Monday for a date with the shearer. A friend (the same one who sold me studly Henry) was having her very large lamb flock shorn and let me bring my ten little ones over to be relieved of their scroungy looking lamb fleeces. I've been wanting to shear off my lamb's fleeces for years and was finally been able to do it. (Most shearers don't want to make the trip here for a measly few lambs---and I understand that). By this time of year, the tips of the lamb's fleeces are often brittle, which means if I don't shear them until the adults are done next spring, I have wasted a whole year's worth of wool growing. The past several years I have thrown away most of my lamb fleeces because the tips tend to break off and that makes for bad spinning fleeces. Ideally, the lambs would have been shorn in late June, but I couldn't seem to make that happen.

I loved Miss Olive's reaction to this unexpected turn of events. She was surprisingly calm and sweet about it all, if not a little puzzled! And, oh, how energized they all were when they jumped off the trailer back home! They all ran right out into the hot sun and started grazing. Wish getting a haircut would energize me right now
.(yep-there's Frenchie-out grazing with her peeps)