Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rhinebeck sweater

One of the many fun things about Rhinebeck is checking out all the handknits being worn by so many people. Last year I wore a crocheted scarf (that came from Garnet Hill) and by the end of the first day, I was more than a little embarrassed by all the compliments I had received. (I did speak up and confess that I bought the scarf---didn't make it myself. How humiliating for a fiber person!!) I vowed to do better this year.

My Rhinebeck sweater decision was made late in the game, but what else is new around here? About a month ago, I decided I wanted to wear a new handknit sweater to Rhinebeck and started looking through my patterns for something fast to knit. Briar Rose's Everyday Cardigan looked like the perfect thing because it was knit with big needles, using two strands of yarn and I really liked the simplicity of the style. Chris, who owns Briar Rose is just about the nicest person you will ever meet and do business with. She had my yarn in the mail to me the day after I ordered it. I got right to the knitting, finished the back and two fronts in record time, then bogged down on the sleeves. No particular reason, just got distracted by other things. Finally, the week of Rhinebeck, I finished up the sleeves, got the thing assembled and blocked and sewed on the buttons. I love the sweater. It's a plain, hardworking "everyday" kind of cardigan. One I know I will reach for again and again.

Believe it or not, there's been plenty of knitting going on, just not much in the way of finished goods to show. Something about A.D.D. knitting. I'm this close to finishing my Garter Yoke Cardigan and hope to have something to show in a few days.


  1. Your sweater looks just beautiful! The colors are just perfect for you. I looked on their site, but have a hard time visualizing the colors. I may need your help with that. I know how you love to help enable!

  2. Um, Dianne, you had to *order* more Briar Rose to make this sweater???

    It IS lovely and you are right, seeing all the handknit at Rhinebeck is incredible and inspirational.

  3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who is surrounded by lots of yarn but then feels compelled to indulge in a few skeins from my LYS.

    I was in KY and figured out where your place is. Too bad I didn't plan ahead. Mom was a bit down so I maximized my time with her. I really do need to call ahead and and lay a plan before I come to KY! It was a quick in and out trip but I did drive to the Ky River while at sister's house. Think I might have seen some sheep in jackets.... when one looks beyond the trees.

  4. Denise-two visits to Kentucky and still haven't managed to meet you! I wish you'd had time to come by for a visit--though we are brown and dried up right now-no pretty green grass or colorful trees.Next time for sure!