Monday, October 18, 2010


It was a quick trip. Practically a drive-by. We had planned to leave on Wednesday, hang around the Hudson Valley on Thursday, take the train into the Big City on Friday, festival Saturday (with maybe a little fishing with St. Tim for Mike), more festival on Sunday and then home on Monday. Instead, several patients of Mike's went into crisis mode and we stayed home to get that under control. We finally got away from the farm on Friday morning. Saturday was festival day and the weather was beautiful (if a tad bit windy), crisp and fall-like. Apparently, I over did it on Thursday and after spending the 13 hours in the truck on Friday, my back was in a sorry state. After walking the fairgrounds for about 9 hours on Saturday, I knew I was in trouble. So, I hobbled to the truck and we struck out for home on Sunday morning. Today, I'm happy to be home and trying to rest my back.

Rhinebeck was fabulous, as always. I saw many old friends and met a few new ones, finally got to meet Gale Zucker in person and brought home my share of goodies from some of my favorite vendors. Even with all the uncertainty, changed plans, missed opportunities, I'd do it all again and am already looking forward to next year!

(These almost make me wish I lived close enough to town to have trick-o- treaters!)


  1. Sorry about the back but I'm glad you got to go. I call the heated seats in our vehicles my "back therapy;" they help a LOT. What gorgeous pumpkin carvings!

  2. One day is better than no days. I hope you were able to enjoy it, in spite of the back. Did you bring back any neat stuff, talk to any interesting vendors?