Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The color purple

I did manage to get in a little Christmas knitting this year before my carpal-tunnel issues ended in two surgeries. Not much, but enough to please the three purple loving grand-daughters in my life. The 20 year old and the 14 year old got scarves and hats. The six year old (the one who got the doll cupboard, robe and flannel pajamas) also got a purple sweater for her American Girl doll. Do all girls love purple these days? I don't remember ever being purple crazy (though I did go through a rather prolonged passion for pink as a little girl). In fact, it would seem I must be approaching that stage in my life referred to in the poem "When I am an old woman l shall wear purple", because I'm suddenly finding a few purple accessories being added to my wardrobe.

It's not purple but I do have a sweater coming off the needles. All I have to do is finish knitting the button band and block it. I hope to have a photo of that later this week. Of course, there are several more sweaters, in various stages of unfinishedness (yes, I think I made up that word), that need my attention. I've also been working on a few knitted and felted "smalls" that have been so much fun. Can't wait to show those.

(Love that little "got wool?" sheep up there! It was given to me by one of my grandsons a few years ago.)


  1. I absolutely luv purple...well more of a mauve but DH's fav colour is dark purple too.

  2. I went through a long purple stage as a girl. There was even a lady in town referred to as the Purple Lady since she always wore purple. I think that was even before the poem was well known. I did grow out of it after a time but still like the color, just not obsessively now.

  3. A couple of 4 year olds in my art therapy group this morning told me that pink was no longer their favorite color because now they love lavender. so I guess purple is the new pink.

  4. funny you say this....I too have gotten more purple this winter. The KSU colors are purple and folks "bleed" purple around here making it less desirable for me. I do like bold color combinations. yeah for being bold :-)