Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring.....

Just in case it hasn't been wet enough this winter, a few days ago we received two and a half inches of rain and now it's at it again. If the sun ever does come out again, the grass should green up and grow like crazy, which would be a welcome relief from the brown/beige/gray landscape.

I'm obsessed with looking for hopeful signs of spring. One sure sign is that Mr. Dandy has started vocalizing again. People often talk about how noisy peafowl are, and it's true, they can be. We've found that they seem to go through cycles. When Mr. Dandy moults and loses all his tail feathers, he gets pretty quiet. (I think he's embarrassed and doesn't want to call attention to himself!) Just in the last week, he has been making noise when there's activity around the barn.....a sort of early warning security device. It seems that Mr. Dandy has romance on his mind these days and that's a sign that spring is coming, for sure!

I'm pretty sure I'm the cause of all this rain. I was finally able to schedule the shearers to come on Monday to shear the pregnant ewes, which means I have to keep the ewes penned up in the barn to keep them dry. After spending most of the winter outside and having beautifully clean fleeces, a few days stuck in the barn on bedding can add a lot of vegetable matter to their wool.

The good news today was that I picked my first daffodils and this evening I heard the peepers!


  1. My, those are gorgeous shots of Mr. Dandy! You're ahead of us; my daffies haven't bloomed yet. I'm just getting ready to wind that wonderful sock yarn you gifted me into a ball so I can swatch for a shawl; it is the perfect yarn for it and I thank you again!

  2. I miss having peafowl around. We had a few when I was a kid, then as an adult I used to live across the road from a peacock farm. There was one, we called him Pete, that would walk through our yard every day at 4:00 pm to go into the woods, then he would come back about an hour later. Never did figure out why he did that.

  3. It's funny how far behind we are out here compared to Lexington and points just a bit south. Our daffodils are only about 2-3" tall.

  4. He's so lovely! I just love reading your blog; you are such a fountain of wisdom and encouragement. Can't wait to see all that wool! :) ~ Hannah