Friday, September 9, 2011


Want to guess what this is?  Here's a hint - she has four legs and some big ears that she needs to grow in to.  I was out in the little girl's pasture this afternoon,  just checking up on Aslan and how he was getting along with his charges.  Anytime I'm with these little girls,  I can count on Luna and Birdie coming in close for a scratch under the chin and a little sweet talk.  I so love that about my bottle babies.  No matter how old they get,  they never forget that I'm their mother.  Of course,  once I've fed them for months and spent so much time with them,  I don't forget either and can't bear to sell any of them,  so I have quite a collection of sheep that see me as their mama.  Anyway,  back to the picture.

Do those look like a shepherd's hands, or what?  I need some hand care!
This is Birdie's fleece and I think it's  gorgeous.  I already know I won't be selling this fleece at shearing time next spring.  It already has my name on it!  There are other ewe lambs in the flock with similar fleeces,  including Birdie's two sisters,  and those I'll be willing to part with because they are not my special babies.  The ewe lambs are still a little shy about Aslan and,  when he walked up beside me,  Birdie got those ready-for-takeoff ears going on.

As you might be able to see,  just below the dried up stubble,  our pastures are starting to come back to life after the many inches of rain we've had this past week.  I'm so grateful for the remnants of hurricane Lee making it's way to us.  A week of cloudy, drizzly days has done wonders for my frame of mind.  I think we might actually survive the summer now!
Luna hopes you have a great weekend!


  1. What beautiful fleece you have!!! I love that little face on Luna, what a sweetie.

  2. NOthing more beautiful than a BFL fleece!

  3. I'd not be sharing that fleece, either!

  4. You are amazing can hardly believe all you do. Told Aslan he was getting a promotion. He seems content. Who wouldn't be at Tanglewood Farm! Sylvia

  5. Oh My!! Those curls are beautiful!!! I would love to see what her sisters have in the Spring ;-)

  6. It made me want to run my fingers through Birdie's fleece, too, and that face of Luna is so sweet.