Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Joining forces

( That's Aslan on the inside and Holly on the outside. )
Our security staff had a meet-up today and decided to work as a team.  I am happy to report that Aslan and Holly are doing well together.  Holly goes to visit in the field where Aslan and his girls are staying.  So far,  he has not realized that he could follow her out,  if he chose to.  Aslan was raised on a farm with electric fencing and he is respecting our woven wire fencing,  which is just how I was hoping he would react.  So far, so good.
( Those two white objects are on duty. )
Thanks to an impressive cold front and remnants of hurricane Lee,  we have finally gotten much needed rain and a drastic cool off in temperature.  We are an unbelievable 40 degrees cooler than we were two days ago !  Already,  there are hints of green in the pastures again.  Ah,  Kentucky weather.  Always interesting.


  1. Would love to get some of that rain, cooler temps, and green here! It is in the 90s and supposed to stay that way into next week - our hottest stretch of the year. In September!

    So glad the dogs are integrating well. Thanks for commenting on my blog; I hope to get that scarf and a shawl in the same yarn blocked this weekend.

  2. I love the name, Aslan. It fits him so well.