Friday, March 9, 2012


( this is how our week started )
Yesterday I drove up to Ohio Valley Natural Fibers to pick up yarn they had spun for me.  (Of course, I had to make the obligatory visit to Ikea while I was that close.)  It was a miserable day.  It poured rain all day and I got soaked every time I got in and out of the car .... not to mention how nerve-wracking it was to be on the interstate in heavy rain with all those tractor trailer trucks.  Today,  it's a brand new scene,  just very soggy under foot.  The sun is shining brightly and I'm feeling the urge to get the dye pots out.  The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival is not that far off and I need to get myself in gear to actually have some things to sell.

The abundance I'm referring to is that pile of yarn.   That's almost 24 pounds of yarn just waiting for me to do something.  You know you're a fiber junkie if,  after driving in the rain all day,  as soon as you get home you wash a sample skein,  put it on the heat vent to dry and knit a swatch immediately !  This batch of yarn is another sheep wool/alpaca blend and is a combination of white and black fleeces to create a beautiful gray heather.  Most of this will go into the dye pots,  as soon as I can decide on colors.

( and this is how it ends )
The shearers are supposed to come next week and then the task of sorting, weighing and washing fleeces will start.   Lambing begins in a little less than three weeks!  You'd think after all these years, I would not find that exciting, but I still do.  I can hardly wait to see what the Wensleydale ram crossed with my ewes will produce in the way of fleeces.  You can expect that the Lamb-cam will be back on line in about two weeks and even that is exciting to me!  I love being able to spy on the sheep when they don't know I'm watching.  It has felt a little like I've been in hibernation since the end of the holidays, but soon, very soon, a lot will be happening around here.


  1. Pretty yarn! I can't wait for the kidding season to start around here too!

  2. Exciting tings going on there!
    Nice to see that lambs are coming soon ( lam-cam will be fun) !!

    Vivid spring colors for all that yarn !