Friday, March 2, 2012

No joke ....

You thought I must be joking when I said I had more finished projects, right?  It's for real.  I'm on a roll and hope I can summon the focus to keep going.   I would be completely mortified if anyone knew how many projects I have abandoned so I could cast on for something new.  I'm going to conquer my secret project stash this year ..... or else I'm going to frog a bunch of stuff and quit feeling guilty !

This little hat is knit with Malabrigo Twist and the pattern is one that came free with the yarn at ReBelle in Lexington.  The yarn is so soft and squishy to knit with and I love how the subtle movement of color appears.  It was pure pleasure to knit this.  I think this is another one that will go into the Christmas box.

This one is strictly for me, though I may not get to wear it in this year of no winter.  It's the  'Annabel' sweater designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge.   Lots of people have knit this sweater and you can look at many versions on Ravelry.  I am so loving this sweater.  I want to cast on for another right now,  but I promised myself I would finish up some already on the needles projects before starting another.  This is an easy-peasy pattern.  I spun the yarn from some of my own wool/alpaca blend roving that was prepared by Ohio Valley Natural Fibers,  from last years shearing.  It happens that this sweater is more like a jacket.  It might be a little too heavy to wear indoors for any length of time.  That's a good reason to cast on for another one, in a lighter weight yarn ... right?  I added length to the sleeves,  rather than the 3/4 sleeves the pattern calls for and worked a single crochet edging all around to firm up the edges.  The fact that I am anxious to cast on for another shows how much I like this design.  I highly recommend it.

Wednesday was an unbelievably stormy day here.  Starting around 2:30 am,   we had thunder,  lightning and heavy rain rolling through,  almost hourly.  Luckily,  we were not hit by any tornadoes.  Thursday was a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky,  but we've already been warned that today will likely be a repeat of Wednesday.

Happenings in the barn have taken a turn for the better.  Luna seems to be on the mend and we've had no more chicken casualties.  The chicken killer is still out there and ignoring my trap,  so I don't feel confident in saying it's completely over.  

If you're in the Lexington area and looking for something interesting to do this weekend,  Kentucky Crafted:  The Market 2012 is being held downtown in the Civic Center on Saturday and Sunday.  There will be a group of us doing demonstrations and promoting the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival to be held in May.  Take a minute to come by,  introduce yourself and say hi.


  1. I love that sweater, it looks great with your yarn! Glad Luna is on the mend, apparently dog food agrees with her :) Have fun this weekend!

  2. You are such an enabler, I must have that sweater. Must have. LOL

  3. Your sweater turned out really beautiful! It looks so comfortable. Love the hat too! So glad to hear that your ewe is doing better :) It's a great feeling to be catching up on projects, isn't it?

  4. That cardigan is beautiful. That it is knitted with your own handspun from your own animals has to be immensely satisfying.

  5. That sweater looks so soft and warm. I would definitely make another in a lighter weight.